2017 Bridal Trends

There are some really exciting Bridal Trends that you need to watch out for in 2017. Some of these trends are new ideas and some are bringing back old favourites from the 70’s. It has been a really interesting year in bridal, the market has been dominated by designers who bring such intricate details and this year is no different.

Here are the the three Bridal Trends that are going to be huge this year, they may not be to everyone’s taste but they are very playful and feminine. There will be plenty of designs that will incorporate a more toned down version of these trends if you are not sure about going full throttle.

  1. Bell Sleeves & Capes

It is all about the sleeve in 2017. Sleeves have always been a fairly traditional element of wedding gowns, they are elegant and offer a certain amount of modesty for religious ceremonies. Sleeves are always popular but this year think big , wide and detailed. The 70’s is having a come back and I am totally in love. I am a strong fan of a bell sleeve so was very excited to see this trend trickle into the bridal market. For those of you that are not familiar with a bell sleeve it’s basically like flares but for your arms! They have a really relaxed feel about them but when done correctly they can also look very feminine and sexy.

The bell sleeve has been incorporated into two different streams of bridal wear. Firstly, we have the super glam, sexy designers who have used these sleeves to exude class and femininity. Secondly, we have the more relaxed bohemian vibe with lots of lace, crochet and fluid fabrics.

Capes are a great way to include this trend for your wedding day but are perfect for removing later in the day if you want a more classic look.

Here are some of my absolute favs!

alyseOdylyne The Ceremony Alyse 

Rue De Seine Aloe

Elie Saab Fall 2017

Lee Petra Grebenau Ellie

Rue De Seine Mickah

Inbal Dror 2017

Inbal Dror BR-16-12

Lee Petra Grebenau Swan Lake Collection

Lee Petra Grebenau Swan Lake Collection

2. 3D Florals

This is the prettiest bridal trend I have seen in a while, I love it so much and have seen so many brides already fall in love with this detail as well. 3D florals are everywhere at the moment. The main thing that is so appealing about this trend is that it adds a beautiful texture to the dresses, it makes them so eye catching and playful. This trend is definitely for the girly girls, it is soft, romantic and basically looks like you are wearing your very own special garden.

There are so many ways to make this trend work for you, some dresses are completely covered in 3D flowers but if you only want to add a small element to your dress you could have a few trickling down the skirt of your dress or on your veil. The beauty of this trend is that is looks very organic and natural so if you are having a garden wedding this trend is the one for you.

Viktor & Rolf Flower Cloud 2017

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb 2017

Elie Saab Fall 2017

Lee Petra Grebenau Swan Lake Collection

Lee Petra Grebenau Swan Lake Collection

3. Glittering Fabrics

Now this my friends is sparkle like you have never seen sparkle before. These dresses will leave a glittering trail behind you as you walk, by far my favourite trend of this year! Who doesn’t want to be covered in glitter whilst marrying the love of your life? These fabrics are luxurious, decadent and seriously stunning. Sparkle is always a winner with brides but up until now it has been done using sequins and beads. These fabrics are made with the tiniest specks of glitter running throughout so the dresses literally glisten when you move. Pictures of these dresses do not show the full sparkle capacity so I will try to find and link in some catwalk shows so you can see their full potential. If you are a magpie you will fall head over heels for this trend.

Inbal Dror 2017

Lee Petra Grebenau Liv

Lee Petra Grebenau Karlie

Thanks for reading and I would love to hear which trend you love the most!



All images sourced from the Designers websites (see links below photos)


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