2017 Goals 

I never set myself any New Years resolutions as they generally tend to be things that get broken easily. I’ve never been able to stick to them in the past and I get bored after a while, but thinking back my goals have always been fairly unrealistic! (Attempting to have a body like Beyoncé by Feb is NEVER going to happen)

So this year I have decided to focus on little changes to my every day life which will make myself and the people around me feel happy and content. Having reflected on the past year and thinking ahead for 2017 I wanted to set myself some more realistic and simple goals. 

1. Communicate More… like actually talk to people 

Social media is such a great way to be creative, share opinions and express yourself but like most people I find it very easy to slip into a social media spiral. I often find myself liking photos of my friends and having small talk through comments rather than ACTUALLY having a conversation with them. 

Obviously social media is great for sharing stories and travel but I have decided this year to make more of an effort with my friends & family whether this be on the phone or in person. I want to meet up with people more often or just give them a call to see how they are rather than guessing and assuming by looking at my Instagram feed. 

Social media is often an easy, care free way of finding out what your friends and family are up to but a phone call doesn’t hurt and it’s so nice to sit down and have a long old chat! This was an absolute standard in the 90’s, I used to be on the phone for hoursssss to my friends even though we had been together all day at school. I remember my mum getting so angry about the phone bill or that I was blocking the line for the dial up internet. So this year I am hoping to bring a little bit more chat back into my life. 

2. Learn More 

Slightly linked to my first goal I have been using my commutes to scroll through Instagram as it’s easy and doesn’t require too much brain power in the morning. However, I want to use my commutes to help me learn more and experience new things so I have decided to start listening to podcasts. Don’t get me wrong, I was an avid fan of Serial and have listened to the occasional podcast before but I have never really used it for educational purposes. 

I have found a few podcasts that are both entertaining and educational. So far I’ve been loving The Infinite Monkey Cage which is science based featuring Brian Cox and Robin Ince. Science is something I have always been interested in especially biology and the natural world (David Attenborough is my number one person to meet) so this is a really great way of learning about our world and environment without it being too complex. They do talk very fast and it requires you to actually pay attention but I’ve been loving this! 

My other favourite podcast for informative and interesting topics is This American Life. They deal with difficult subjects in a sensitive and factual way making it a really interesting listen. The subject varies in each episode but each and every one is thought provoking. I love listening to this on my commute as most of the episodes are the perfect length from door to door. It’s a great way to start the day and encourages me to think about new ideas. I often find myself discussing and debating some of these podcasts afterwards with friends and family which is great. 

3. Healthier Choices 

December was indulgent (as it’s supposed to be!) I didn’t feel guilty and I knew it would be hard to get back into eating healthy but for me that’s what December should be about. Eating homely food and having lots of treats. Come Jan I have tried not to worry too much about my weight but I need to feel better in myself. It’s crazy how eating badly for a month makes you feel so tired and grumpy. 

Rather than doing any fad diets or cutting out whole food groups I have decided to just eat better and gradually do more exercise. My main problem is sugar, I’m totally addicted and it’s a real problem. I am slowly trying to cut down by swapping my high sugar chocolate snacks for more natural alternatives such as fruit and Nakd bars (Extremely hard for me to walk past those mini eggs that have started to creep onto the shelves). 

I am making a conscious effort to walk more, it’s a short bus ride to Brixton from our house but we’ve been walking this route which is 25/30mins. It’s not much but it sets me up for my day and makes me feel more alert. 

I really don’t get on with the gym, I find it boring and hard to concentrate being inside (not to mention the cost!) so I will be adding some more home workouts to my routine and I am really keen to start running this year. I much prefer to be outside when I exercise so I’m hoping the weather will start to pick up soon.

4. De-Clutter 

We are going to be buying our first home this year so it is really important for me to keep my stuff down to a minimum. For every item I buy I need to sell or give to charity an older item. I had a huge eBay session before Christmas which felt so good. I made some extra cash and got rid of so many unwanted items. My goal for 2017 is to keep this up and make sure I do not accumulate too many things. 

5. Better with Money 

I feel like this is a goal for most people but I really need to budget better and stop buying unnecessary things. Buying a house is priority for us this year so I am going to have to cut out a few luxuries until we are settled.

I have found it easier when I make a monthly plan and allocate a certain amount for each week. If I know I have a party or dinner to go to it just means I have cheaper lunches at work. Hopefully I can keep this up! 

6. Buy a house 

Ok, so this is a pretty big goal but 2017 is the year that we will hopefully become homeowners! I can’t wait for us to have our own house but I am fully aware that this is not an easy process, it’s going to be stressful and we will have clashing opinions but we will get there eventually. 

I am going to try and stay positive and not get my hopes up too high. I also know that I cannot have my heart set on a single property and need to be open minded and flexible. I’ve had friends go though this process and have witnessed the disappointment so my main aim whilst looking for a house is to try and remain calm. I am not the calmest person in the world, I tend to flap and panic a lot so this should be interesting! 

Thanks for reading!! Let me know what your 2017 goals are and don’t forget to subscribe to my posts 🙂 

See you next week 



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