Mexican Theme Bedroom 

Our spare room has basically been a dumping ground for the past year or so, full of old study books, random furniture and our drying laundry. It was messy, unkept and really quite annoying to look at. As we have been gradually selling our unwanted items and clearing away our things the spare room was in serious need of some attention and a lick of paint. We decided on white walls to keep things simple and to bring more light into the room.

My general interior style is quite minimal with very neutral colours (mainly grey & white). My bedroom is grey and white with copper accents and lots of plants. I prefer to have cool calming colours in my own space but thought it would be really fun to inject some colour into our spare room (much to David’s despair).

Obviously I took to Pinterest and came across so many Mexican inspired interiors which were perfectly vibrant and playful. I instantly loved this theme. Luckily it’s hugely on trend at the moment so it was very easy to decorate the room with high street options. Pretty much everything in the room is from Primarks new Fiesta range. I still want to add a few more bits to the room, including some artwork on the walls as they still look a bit bare but here is what it looks like so far! I bought most of these items just over a week ago so they should still be available in store 🌵

This bedding is perfect if you are looking to brighten up a bedroom. It is reversible with a bird/floral pattern on one side and rainbow stripes on the other. I also purchased a bright pink sheet and pillow cases but you could pick up any colour in the pattern and run with it. 

The cactus cushion is my absolute favourite item, it was only £3!! I have seen similar designs on Etsy for over £20 so was very pleased with it. The other cushion was also only £5 and has a rope design around the edge which is a nice finishing touch. 


These tiny little planters are from Anthropologie, one of my all time favourite shops. I could honestly spend so much money in there. They are textured ceramic with a dip dye effect at the top. These are really tiny so be careful when ordering online as they do look deceivingly big. The cacti are from Leonas in Brixton Village, the cutest shop by the way. 


These candles from Primark smell like summer so much, the Pineapple one is incredible. These were £2 each and have a burn time of 30hr. 


So that’s it for this blog post. If anyone knows any good places to find cactus prints please let me know in the comments below. 

Thanks for Reading 🌵


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