Dare to Bare 

Brides are becoming more and more experimental with their choice of wedding gowns. One of the main changes I have seen is that women are more daring and willing to show a bit more skin. Bridal wear has had a shift recently from super traditional to more sexy, revealing gowns that highlight the contours of the female body.

This trend is all about sensuality and showing off your favourite features. All women have their hang ups which are all too often focussed on. ‘I hate my arms, my legs, my stomach…’ try to think positively and focus on what you like about your body and what makes you feel confident. This may be showing some cleavage or a little bit of leg, by incorporating this into your gown it will give you that added boost of courage on your wedding day.

This trend is often a huge debate amongst brides, mums and friends. Is it too sexy? Where do we draw the line? From plunging necklines to thigh high splits, there are so many incredible designs to highlight your best feature. It may not appeal to everyone but if you love it and it looks great – go for it.

Here’s my little round up of some of my favourite dare to bare trends and how to pull it off (without scaring your grandma!)

Plunging Necklines

A plunge neckline is a really great way to lengthen and narrow the body. It draws the eye vertical and to the centre of the body making petite girls appear taller whilst also narrowing those with broader shoulders. This trend is great if you have a small-medium bust but can be a little difficult for girls with a fuller chest as these dresses often lack the support you may need (a slightly higher v-neck will work perfectly for bustier girls)

When opting for a plunge make sure you feel entirely comfortable with being so open. If you feel unsure in your appointment then I would suggest asking if there is anyway to raise the neckline slightly. An extra cm higher may make all the difference for you. Plunge necklines look amazing with long sleeves to balance the amount of skin on show and work well with a v back to mirror the front keeping the eye vertical.


For all of you leggy girls out there this is such a great way for you to show off your pins without having to opt for a short dress. There are so many different ways to incorporate a split. For that red carpet/evening gown look stick to a fitted style, if you are looking for something a little more cute you can opt for a centre split on a fuller gown so when you walk the dress flows sideways showing off your legs. You can also have multiple splits depending on what works for your figure (aka Beyonce’s Grammy dress by Inbal Dror #QueenBeyRocksASplit)

During your dress trying appointment have a play around with the height of the split to see what works best for your shape. Some ladies look great with a thigh high but others look better with a split that finished just above the knee. Most designers/seamstresses will be able adjust the height so that it is perfect for you.


Sheer Fabric

This is huge trend at the moment on the red carpet, with the likes of Kim Kardashian and Beyonce wearing translucent gowns with a few sequins covering their lady parts leaving very little to the imagination. If you are brave enough to follow through fully on this trend then I salute you but the majority of brides will want to tone this down ever so slightly.

Firstly, do not be put off a dress if it is fully transparent in the store, it is highly likely that there is an option for a full or partial lining of the dress. A lot of my brides choose to have the skirt section lined keeping the top sheer showing boning or beautiful detail throughout the bodice. There are so many ways to include sheer fabric on a wedding gown, if you only want a hint of sheer detail I would suggest opting for a sleeve or detailed back and if you want to take it further opt for a fully sheer bodice (with detail to cover lady areas) which looks so amazing.

Low Backs

If your back is your favourite feature then you should definitely try some dresses with low backs. They look incredibly elegant and glamorous and are a great way to show of some skin without being too much.

Lower back dresses do tend to come with a few cautions that will need to be taken into consideration before starting your dress hunt:

  • Firstly, if you have a very full bust, I would not suggest a backless dress unless you are comfortable (and pert enough) not to wear a supportive bra. It is very rare that a backless dress will have enough support through the front which may leave you with an incredible looking back view but a not so great front view.
  • Secondly, when a dress is backless (lower than the waist point) you do not get a structured definition around your waist from the front. I you want to be pulled in at the waist look for dresses where the back is low but finishes on the natural waist line.
  • Thirdly, if you love the backless trend but are concious of your skin being spot prone or red I would suggest choosing a gown with a sheer lace back or illusion back, this way you still get a backless feel but means you won’t be constantly worrying about whether you’re going to have a good skin day or not.

There are plentiful backless dresses in bridal wear at the moment so you will find it quite easy to source this trend. It works on both full and fitted dresses so you can really incorporate this trend no matter what style of dress you go for.

All of these dresses are by the extremely talented Inbal Dror, the queen of feminine and sexy dresses. UK stockist is Morgan Davies Bridal

All images sourced from www.inbaldror.co.il


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