Let’s Talk Social

The inclusion of Social media at weddings divides many couples. Some want the big day to be free from tapping fingers and distracted guests and others want the day to be documented from all angles.

Whichever side you sit on make sure your guests are aware of your feelings towards social media. It is totally acceptable to make a note of this on your invites or wedding website. Social media is such a big part of our daily lives that many of your guests will want to share their excitement with photos and comments. They will want to show you off but this is not always a good thing! An untimely photo of the brides dress or spending the whole day staring at your screen could turn the wedding into a disaster.

Here are some ground rules for the Bride, Groom & Guests which will help to ensure positive social media coverage of your wedding.

1. Let your guests know your stance on social media at your wedding

If you do not want any social media coverage of your wedding you will need to make this very clear to your guests. Posting photos is second nature to most people so they will need to be told. Place polite signs around your venue to remind your guests.

This is the same for keeping social media at bay during certain sections of the wedding. Many couples like to keep their ceremony private but are happy to include social media later in the day. A sign outside your ceremony venue should do the trick!

If you are happy for your guests to snap away and post all day then also let them know this is ok.

2. Create a #HASHTAG

The best way to collate all of your guests photos is to create a hashtag for your wedding. Think about this before you send your invites so you can include this in the details. It’s also a great idea to have some unique printed signs hung up around your venue to encourage guests to use the hashtag on the day.

When anyone takes a snap at your wedding and uploads it on to Instagram using the hashtag, your guests and family can see all the photos from your big day in one place. This is such a fun way to see what your guests got up to on your wedding day and means you have lots of fun images to look back on.

There are some great websites that allow you to log into your Instagram and print directly. My favourite is Polargram which lets you print Polaroid photos straight from your account. This would be great to make a wedding scrapbook after the wedding

3. Maintain an element of surprise

This goes for the bride and groom as well as the guests. You may be so excited to post pictures in the lead up to the wedding of your cake, flowers or decor but remember your friends and family will want to be surprised. The last thing you will want is for your guests to feel like they have seen it all before.

Make sure your bridal party do not post pictures of you in your dress before you have seen your groom. All those months of keeping it a secret could be ruined by one photo on Instagram! Be smart ladies and keep the groom guessing.

4. Inform your guests that there is a professional photographer

You have paid a small fortune to have your day documented professionally, you do not need your guests arms up in the air waving a phone like they are at a concert potentially getting in the way of the perfect shot.

Ask your guests to be respectful of the photographer and let them do their job. There will be plenty of time for your guests to take their own photos but make sure your photographer has priority of the best positions.

5. Ask your guests not to post unflattering photos (if you care)

It may seem hilarious at the time but when a guest posts a dodgy photo of your mum downing tequila shots she may not be best pleased. The last thing you want is to upset anyone in the bridal party or create any wedding day dramas.

This goes for the bride as well, you have undoubtedly spent months preening and pampering yourself to look fabulous on the day. You will not want an unattractive photo posted online for all to see before any professional photos have been seen.

6. Delegate

Ask your chief bridesmaid or close family member to take control of your social media accounts. They can change your status to ‘Married’ once your have signed your wedding certificate and post some special moments during your day. This will enable you to enjoy the moment without staring at your phone.


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