Brighton Trip

We managed to escape London for a few days this week and headed down south to the Brighton seafront. I love going to Brighton on a mini break, it’s so lovely to be by the sea and everyone always seems in a happy mood. Rather than battling our way through London, we wondered the streets and shops without being squashed by a single person. A nice change!

To be honest all we did was shop, eat, sleep and eat some more. There are so many amazing restaurants and cafes to explore we kind of overdid it on the food front.


We stayed with some close friends on Saturday night and decided to take a drive to Arundel which is in the South Downs National Park (about a 40 minute drive from Brighton). I had heard about Arundel and it’s beautiful castle so was very excited to visit. The town is really tiny but has so many lovely shops and sites to see. As soon as you enter Arundel in the car you can see the huge castle and cathedral, it literally looks like something from Frozen (minus the ice and crazy princess).

We parked up and strolled around the tiny shops picking up some Earl Grey shortbread along the way. Unfortunately the castle was closed but we got a great view from the top of the town and managed to grab some instagram worthy photos. We also visited the Cathedral which was so pretty. The sun was shining through the the stained glass windows so we could see every little bit of detail.

After a long walk around the town we were in need of some grub. Everyone was pretty keen on a Sunday roast so we decided on The Red Lion pub. The food was delicious, I had the leek and sweet potato crumble and the rest of the team went for a full on roast. I also had a sneaky sticky toffee pudding with custard (this is where my second stomach came in handy. You know, the one for desserts).

Bellies full, we wondered next door for a quick coffee and then drove back to Brighton.


We stayed in a hotel on the sea front on Sunday/Monday night. The hotel was really basic so we decided to venture into town for some brekkie.

Craving pancakes, we decided on Moksha. A little cafe in York Place just opposite St. Peter’s church. I chose the blueberry pancakes with crispy bacon and maple syrup. The portions were huge! I had about 5 or 6 thick American style pancakes stacked up with bacon in between each one. Needless to say my eyes were bigger than my belly. After 3 pancakes I gave in and let David demolish the rest.

It was a dry day, not particularly sunny so we wondered around the shops in the lanes for a few hours.

If anyone has seen David recently you will know his beard is at full capacity, if not groomed he looks like Tom Hanks in Castaway. Luckily there is a rather lovely gentleman (Mr Masey) who sells handmade beard pampering goodies from a stall in the north laines (right next to Berts). You can’t miss him, he’s very dapper and has immaculately groomed facial hair. David picked up some wax and oil to tame his crazy beard. He now smells like mandarin oil, which is interesting.

After the pancakes I was in serious need of something fresh and healthy so I picked up a delicious cold press juice from  42 Juice. It was called ‘I am UN ‘Beet’ able’ and contained Carrot, Apple, Beetroot and Lemon. I always find a huge difference in taste when juice is cold pressed. The flavours are a lot stronger, this definitely had a zesty kick! There were plenty of flavour to choose from including almond milk based drinks.

Around lunchtime we met up with our friends at The Prince George (Trafalgar Street). It’s so dark and cosy in there with little nooks and crannies to sit in. Their menu is strictly vegetarian but still has that hearty pub food feel. Most of us had the beer battered Houlloumi (my new favourite thing by the way) served with a good portion of chips and tartar sauce. Seriously tasty and equally unhealthy.

I wanted to pick up some Easter gifts so we walked to the famous Choccywoccydoodah in the South laines. This shop is quite ridiculous, it always amazes me that they can make such intricate cakes from chocolate. They had some interesting wedding cake options as well, my fav was this skull cake ’till death do us part’


I had been told to try the hot chocolate in their top floor cafe so we ventured upstairs. The cafe is really nice and they have a private section for parties which looks like something from Alice in Wonderland. I had the 70% dark hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream. It was pretty frickin awesome but very rich. I could only manage half a cup. I think the milk chocolate would have been a bit easier on the stomach! I also got some white chocolate praline filled eggs and a huge bar of walnut and cherry chocolate to bring home.
That evening we just chilled at our friends house and watched the Momument Men with take away Pizza Face.


This was our last day in Brighton so we were really happy to wake up to brilliant sunshine and blue skies. It was the perfect day for a beach stroll. We packed our bags and grabbed something to eat at The Breakfast Club, I had Huevos Al Benny and David had Chorizo Hash. We washed it down with a pitcher of fresh lychee and apple juice. Nom nom.

Before we caught our train back I wanted to pick up some tea from my favourite tea shop the Bluebird Tea Company. It’s always so fun visiting this shop as their mixologists are always coming up with new wacky flavours. At the moment they have hot cross bun flavour for Easter. We had some really yummy free tasters of a rhubarb mix and bought some Earle grey creme.


Eventually we strolled to the beach and wondered around a bit, we then bought an obligatory 99 Flake (which, by the way, is now £2.50!) and snoozed in the sun for an hour.

It was the perfect end to our little trip! ….Bring on Summer ☀️


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