Columbia Road Flower Market

So admittedly, it wasn’t the wisest decision to visit Columbia Road at midday on Mothers Day. It was insanely busy, we practically crowd surfed our way through the stalls in search of plants. But hey! It’s all part of the fun right?

Columbia Road Flower Market is the perfect way to perk up your Sunday afternoon. Flower sellers banter their way into your wallets. Offering hugs, kisses and flowers in return for a fiver. The atmosphere is so old school east end that you almost feel like you’re on a movie set. ‘Who needs a prick in their life!’ They shout, talking about cacti of course. Despite the crowds everyone seems at ease and in high spirits (a rarity in London).

Columbia Road market has been running for years. Most stall owners are 3rd, 4th or 5th generation continuing their family trade and traditions.

Opening at 8am the stalls line either side of Columbia Road offering bouquets of flowers, plants, cacti and herbs with a side of sexual innuendos. The smell of fresh lavender fills the street as you walk through which is oddly soothing…

Behind the stalls and adjacent streets there are buskers, coffee shops, bagel shops, garden stores, gift shops and antique dealers. A little something to satisfy everyone and the perfect place to nestle away from the hustle and bustle of the Main Street.

The most appealing aspect of Columbia Road is the prices. Huge bouquets can be bought for £5, three large succulents for £10 and an array of Plants for next to nothing. You can kit out your home in one visit for a really reasonable price. Which is exactly what we did.

Columbia Road is also a great place to visit to get some inspiration for your bridal bouquets and favours. There are so many colourful, exotic flowers to choose from it is the perfect way to mix and match and see what works without breaking the bank. You can Pinterest until your heart is content.

There are lots of stalls offering mini cacti and succulents in cute little pots which would make the perfect favours for your guests. At a mere 3 for £5 they would be cost effective and easy. Plus, who doesn’t love a cactus?


After our hectic battle for plants in the cold we headed to east-end boozer The Old George in Bethnal Green for a roast in the warmth.

The perfect Sunday in my eyes.


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