About The Bridal Lab

Welcome to The Bridal Lab,

My name is Siobhan but you may call me Uchivorn, Shannon, Chivorn, Sean or whatever you like really. You see, having an Irish name means no one calls you by your ACTUAL name. It’s cool. I’m used to it. I welcome all interpretations/spellings with open arms (the more inventive the better)

I have worked in the bridal industry for over four years. It’s a blast so I thought I would set up this blog to give you an insight into my little bridal world.

The Bridal Lab is my new blogging venture. It has been so long since I picked up pen to paper (or should I say hand to keyboard) and I have really really missed it.

Having blogged about bridal in the past and focussing mainly on wedding dresses I wanted to broaden my spectrum a little to include beauty and lifestyle. It will include Bridal posts with a little bit of my daily life slotted in here and there.

Living in London and working in the bridal industry means I am exposed to lots of weird and wonderful things so I am very much hoping you guys will actually enjoy reading this. #FingersCrossed

Over and Out,



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